So with all of that said, let’s get down to the point of this blog. The Journey to Love Oneself.

I am going to share some of the things I did and some of the things I learned in this blog. And forgive my absence, life has been changing on me too drastically to keep up with this.

I am going to be offering an open forum at my business. It’s going to be called Journey to Love Oneself. It’s going to be an open discussion forum that helps support people on their path to healing.

I am also doing a facebook group by the same name.

I am doing this because I know that my path is different from other people’s paths. And I’m hoping that many people joining together will be able to help people along their many different paths.

And I want to share some of what is discussed in this forum. Bear with me though. It may take some time for this forum to catch on. And at the moment it’s only meeting twice a month.

So in the meantime, I’ll share some other insights I’ve had. And I apologize if they are repeats of previous posts. My mind has recently decided that it’s possible to articulate these things more clearly.


About ajoval

I am a massage therapist. I specialize in emotional healing. I am writing this blog in hopes that my experience may help others.
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