What is love? continued

In Karla McLaren’s book The Language of Emotions (which changed my life. I highly recommend it), she talks about love not being an emotion. This concept blew my mind. No one had ever said anything like that. Love was nothing but emotion. But, as an empath, her logic was inescapable. Emotions ebb and flow like waves on the sand. They come and go. Love is constant.

Yes I know we equate certain emotions with love, but infatuation, joy, that swelling in the bosom is not love. It does come from love. But they all have other names.

Now Karla doesn’t say what love is in the book just that it was deeper and more than an emotion. So that got my overly detailed brain going. And I will share some of what I learned if not all of it.

Love is the source of all emotion. And I do mean all of them. If you look at Karla McLaren’s book or her featured topics on her website, you’ll find that emotions, those big bad emotions that society is so uncomfortable with, are actually very powerful motivators.

They are wise and full of energy that allow us to make changes and accomplish things we never thought we could. They all play a vital role in our overall well-being and happiness. The problem isn’t the emotions it’s that we don’t know how to utilize them. We don’t know how to listen or trust them.

So if they are there to help us out then they must come from love. So number one, Love is not an emotion in and of itself, it is the source of all emotion.

And that seemed like an awful lot of power for one thing. And that is when it hit me. Love is power. It just is. Like the sun just is. You can talk about the sun, how it works and what it does etc., but in reality it just is. It is the sun. The same goes for love. It just is. It is love.

Now in Mormon doctrines we learn that the love of God is in and through all things. And scientists are starting to find this substance that is in and through all things. And when I say in and through all things, I mean inside everything and through everything. It ties everything together.

We also learn in the New Testament that God is love. So God is in and through all things and love is in and through all things. And I cannot go further than that, because trying to encompass all that in my head makes it feel like it might explode.

But it brought me back to power. If God created everthing and God is Love then Love created everything which means I am love. I was created in love. I was created by love. I was created to be loved. I was created to love.


It’s everywhere. It’s everything. It is inexpressible. How do you express something that just is? You don’t. You experience it. You become it. You allow it to become you.

And suddenly I was no longer fear. I was love. I put fear where it belonged, as an expression of love when my life was in danger. Love did not cast out fear or anger. It shifted fear and anger. It shifted everything.

Now everything I say and do and feel and am is based in love. And that brings joy and peace and contentment and happiness. It brings life and light and a need to help others to find love within themselves. It renews and breaks and heals and destroys.

Love is glorious. I am Love. I am glorious.


About ajoval

I am a massage therapist. I specialize in emotional healing. I am writing this blog in hopes that my experience may help others.
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